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       08.12.2022, 18:00 - 19:30
AI Keynotes
Causal Targeting - It's not Causal Effect Estimation (and Why it Matters)
Speaker(s): Foster Provost, New York University

       08.12.2022, 09:00 - 17:00
A Connected World: Data Analysis for Real-World Network Data
Speaker(s): Giacomo De Nicola, Cornelius Fritz, Göran Kauermann, Institut für Statistik, LMU

       01.12.2022, 17:15
Writing with Artificial Intelligence
Speaker(s): Barbara Plank, Mario Haim, Uli Köppen, Hinrich Schütze, LMU, LMU, AI und Automation Lab des BR, LMU

       01.12.2022, 12:00 - 13:30
AI Keynotes
Societal Computing
Speaker(s): Ingmar Weber, Saarland University

       30.11.2022, 16:00
Testing for Global Covariate Effects in Dynamic Interaction Event Networks
Speaker(s): Alexander Kreiß, Universität Leipzig

       28.11.2022, 16:00
TUM Distinguished Lecture Series on AI & Healthcare
Brain imaging in UK Biobank
Speaker(s): Stephen Smith, University of Oxford

       08.11.2022, 16:00
Current Research Projects in the Statistics and Econometrics Group
Speaker(s): Daniel Wilhelm, Institut für Statistik, LMU

       10.11.2022, 12:00 - 13:30
AI Keynotes
Speaker(s): Markus Strohmaier, University of Mannheim

       02.11.2022, 17:00
Munich AI Lectures
Physics-inspired learning on graphs
Speaker(s): Michael Bronstein, University of Oxford

       25.10.2022, 19:00
Next Generation AI: Panel Discussion 'The Future of Astrophysics'
with Daniel Gruen (LMU), Lukas Heinrich (TUM), Kevin Heng (LMU). Moderation: Jenny Sorce (Université Paris-Saclay)

First cross-Atlantic RoboArt Hackathon on Nov. 4th-6th, 2022
A collaboration of Women in AI & Robotics, the University of Waterloo Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, and Mila. For participants, we target the 18–25-year age group by reaching out to schools and Universities further to promote entry into the exciting field of robotics.

       19.10.2022, 16:00
Decision Making under Complex Information with Applications to Statistics and Machine Learning
Speaker(s): Christoph Jansen, Institut für Statistik, LMU

       12.10.2022, 16:30
On everybody´s lip but without the bite - The current state of Trustworthy AI
Speaker(s): Vince Madai, Berlin Institute of Health of Charité Berlin

       05.10.2022, 17:00
Munich AI Lectures
The PDE Prior
Speaker(s): Max Welling, University of Amsterdam

       07.09.2022, 17:00
Munich AI Lectures
Mathematical Mysteries of Deep Neural Networks
Speaker(s): Stephane Mallat, College de France

       27.07.2022, 14:00–18:00
MCML Kick-Off
Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

       20.07.2022, 17:00
On vine copulas and uncertainty
Speaker(s): Thomas Nagler, Institut für Statistik, LMU

       18.07.2022, 16:00
TUM Distinguished Lecture Series on AI & Healthcare
Using Neural Sequence Models to Represent Sequences of Human Decisions
Speaker(s): Susan Athey, Stanford University

       14.07.2022, 18:00 - 19:30
AI Keynotes
Efficient and targeted COVID-19 border testing via reinforcement learning
Speaker(s): Hamsa Bastani, University of Pennsylvania

       13.07.2022, 16:00
Combining experimental and population data to estimate population treatment effects
Speaker(s): Elizabeth Stuart, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore

       30.06.2022, 12:00 - 13:30
AI Keynotes
Personalized Medicine using Real-World Data: A Causal Machine Learning Approach/Advances in Data-Driven Decision-Making: A Mathematical Optimization Perspective
Speaker(s): Tobias Hatt and Daniel Tschernutter, ETH Zurich

       29.06.2022, 16:15
Predicting macroeconomic indicators from online activity data: a case study
Speaker(s): Maria Eduarda Silva, Universität Porto

       23.06.2022, 16:15
State space models as a flexible framework for monitoring epidemics
Speaker(s): Stefan Heyder, Thomas Hotz, Technische Universität Illmenau

       23.06.2022, 16:00 - 17:30
AI Keynotes
Smooth Contextual Bandits
Speaker(s): Nathan Kallus, Cornell University

       23.06.2022, 16:00
Patient records and their analysis
Speaker(s): Eimo Martens/Narges Ahmidi, TUM/Helmholtz

       20.06.2022, 16:00
TUM Distinguished Lecture Series on AI & Healthcare
Learning to Detect Objects from Repeated Traversals of the Same Route
Speaker(s): Kilian Weinberger, Cornell University

       15.06.2022, 16:15
Does Rising Inequality Reduce Social Cohesion? New Results Using Hybrid Multilevel Regression Models and Four Decades of Repeated Surveys in 32 Countries
Speaker(s): Markus Gangl, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

       08.06.2022, 16:15
On the Difficulty of Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification in Machine Learning: The Case of Direct Uncertainty Estimation through Loss Minimisation
Speaker(s): Viktor Bengs, Department of Statistics, LMU Munich

       02.06.2022, 16:00 - 17:30
AI Keynotes
Machine Learning and Event Detection for Urban Public Health
Speaker(s): Daniel Neill, New York University

       01.06.2022, 16:15
Arbeitsgruppenvorstellung: Lehrstuhl für Statistik und ihre Anwendungen in Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften
Speaker(s): Göran Kauermann, Department of Statistics, LMU Munich

       01.06.2022, 18:30
Round table
Symposium on AI Research at LMU

       23.05.2022, 16:00
TUM Distinguished Lecture Series on AI & Healthcare
Some Strategies to cope with the cost of annotations in Medical Image Analysis
Speaker(s): Hervé Delingette, INRIA

       18.05.2022, 16:15
Data 4 Policy: Towards a Data Culture
Speaker(s): Walter J. Rademacher, Department of Statistics, LMU Munich

       11.05.2022, 16:15
Surprises in topic model estimation and new Wasserstein document-distance calculations
Speaker(s): Florentina Bunea, Cornell University

       04.05.2022, 17:00
Munich AI Lectures
Fairness, Randomness and the Crystal Ball
Speaker(s): Cynthia Dwork, Harvard University

       04.05.2022, 16:15
Detecting parameter heterogeneity in psychometric models by means of model-based recursive partitioning with psychotree, stablelearner & co.
Speaker(s): Carolin Strobl, Universität Zurich

       03.05.2022, 14:15
Instrumental Variable Approaches To Individualized Treatment Regimes Under A Counterfactual World
Speaker(s): Yifan Cui, National University Singapore

       25.04.2022, 16:00 - 17:00
TUM Distinguished Lecture Series on AI & Healthcare
Modelling the surgical knowledge for computer-assisted preoperative planning
Speaker(s): Caroline Essert, University of Strasbourg, CNRS

Round table
'Next Generation AI' Topic IV: Social Aspects of AI

       14.02.2022, 16:00 - 17:00
TUM Distinguished Lecture Series on AI & Healthcare
Learning to read xray: applications to heart failure monitoring
Speaker(s): Polina Golland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

       10.02.2022, 17:00
Unsupervised Brain Pathology Segmentation
Speaker(s): Benedikt Wiestler (TUM), Shadi Albarqouni (Helmholtz München)

       10.02.2022, 12:00 - 13:30
KI Keynotes
Using Natural Language Processing to Forecast the Impact of AI on the Labor Market
Speaker(s): Oliver Müller, Management Information Systems and Data Analytics, University of Paderborn

       09.02.2022, 16:15
The Working Group on Methods for Missing Data, Model Selection and Model Averaging - Research Topics and Applications
Speaker(s): Christian Heumann, Department of Statistics, LMU Munich

       08.02.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
LMU KI Lecture Series
Künstliche Intelligenz - ein Ausblick auf künftige Entwicklungen
Speaker(s): Thomas Seidl, Professor für Informatik. Er ist Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Datenbanksysteme und Data Mining an der Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und Statistik und Direktor des Munich Center for Machine Learning.

Round table
'Next Generation AI' Topic III: Limitations of AI

       03.02.2022, 12:00 - 13:30
KI Keynotes
Monitoring Global Development Aid with Machine Learning
Speaker(s): Malte Toetzke, Group of Sustainability and Technology, ETH Zurich

       02.02.2022, 16:15
The Statistical Learning and Data Science Group - Selected Topics from Research and Applications
Speaker(s): Bernd Bischl, Department of Statistics, LMU Munich

       31.01.2022, 16:00 - 17:00
TUM Distinguished Lecture Series on AI & Healthcare
AI in Radiology
Speaker(s): Professor Ron Kikinis, Harvard Medical School

       27.01.2022, 17:00
Unsupervised Brain Pathology Segmentation
Speaker(s): Benedikt Wiestler (TUM), Shadi Albarqouni (Helmholtz München)

Round table
'Next Generation AI' Topic II: AI and Domain Knowledge

       25.01.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
LMU KI Lecture Series
Datengestützte politische Entscheidungen
Speaker(s): Helmut Küchenhoff, Professor für Mathematik am Institut für Statistik und Leiter des statistischen Beratungslabors an der LMU

       19.01.2022, 16:15
Measurement error in social research
Speaker(s): Daniel L. Oberski, Universität Utrecht

       12.01.2022, 16:15
Science of Data - or what we think about when we worry about data quality
Speaker(s): Frauke Kreuter, Department of Statistics, LMU Munich

       01.12.2021, 16:15
Learning from Weakly Structured Information
Speaker(s): Thomas Augustin, Department of Statistics, LMU Munich

       11.01.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
LMU KI Lecture Series
Das Universum im Maschinenhirn: Künstliche Intelligenz in der Kosmologie
Speaker(s): Daniel Grün, Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Astrophysik, Kosmologie und Künstliche Intelligenz an der Fakultät für Physik der LMU

       16.12.2022, 17:00
Multiomics Analytics of Coronary Artery Disease
Speaker(s): Heribert Schunkert, Matthias Heining

       14.12.2021, 18:15 - 19:45
LMU KI Lecture Series - Panel Discussion
Von Pflegerobotern bis zu militärischen Drohnen: Ethische Herausforderungen durch Künstliche Intelligenz
, Es diskutieren Fiorella Battaglia, Privatdozentin am Lehrstuhl für Philosophie und politische Theorie, Timo Greger, Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator sowie Co-Projektleiter „KI und Ethik“ an der Fakultät für Philosophie, Wissenschaftstheorie und Religionswissenschaft sowie die Absolventin Felicia Kuckertz, die einen Forschungspreis für ihre Bachelorarbeit zum Thema „KI-gestützte Militärroboter und moralische Verantwortung“ verliehen bekam. Die Moderation übernimmt Martin Wirsing, Professor für Informatik an der LMU und ein gefragter Experte im Bereich Programmierung, Softwaretechnik- und Entwicklung.

       09.12.2021, 19:00
Panel Discussion
Next Generation AI
Speaker(s): Sami Haddadin, Gitta Kutyniok, Eva Wolfangel

       30.11.2021, 18:15 - 19:45
LMU KI Lecture Series
Die Rekonstruktion von Meisterwerken altorientalischer Literatur durch den Einsatz von KI
Speaker(s): Enrique Jiménez, Professor für altorientalische Literaturen am Institut für Assyriologie und Hethitologie an der Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften der LMU

Round table
'Next Generation AI' Topic I: AI and Uncertainty

       16.11.2021, 18:15 - 19:45
LMU KI Lecture Series
Wer entscheidet, was zählt? KI und Big Data: Anwendungen in wirtschafts- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung
Speaker(s): Frauke Kreuter, Inhaberin des Lehrstuhls für Statistik und Data Science in den Sozial- und Humanwissenschaften und Co-Direktorin der Data Science Center an der University of Maryland und der Universität Mannheim.

       11.11.2021, 17:00
Assisted Intervention
Speaker(s): Dirk Wilhelm, Nassir Navab

       09.11.2021, 19:00
On the Blending of Machine Learning and Economics
Speaker(s): Michael I. Jordan, Pehong Chen Distinguished Professor im Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Department of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley

1st Virtual AutoML Fall School 2021
The AutoML Fall School will cover core topics of AutoML, covering basics, state-of-the-art approaches and hands-on sessions. Enthusiastic AutoML experts will present their diverse views on AutoML to ML practitioners, developers, research engineers, researchers and students.

       04.11.2021, 11:00
How To Develop Data Science Products at Scale
Speaker(s): René Traue, Christian Lindenlaub, GfK, Nürnberg

       03.11.2021, 16:00
Testing Probabilities Oracles
Speaker(s): Timo von Oertzen, Universität der Bundeswehr München

       20.10.2021, 16:15
A marked Hawkes process for modeling and detecting fake news on social media.
Speaker(s): Stefan Feuerriegel, Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, LMU

LWDA 2021 conference
LWDA, which expands to „Lernen, Wissen, Daten, Analysen“ („Learning, Knowledge, Data, Analytics“), covers recent research in areas such as knowledge discovery, machine learning & data mining, knowledge management, database management & information systems, information retrieval.

Virtual workshop
on 29.07.2020 with over 20 presentations by our PhD students on current research topics.