MCML - Strategy Board

The Strategy Board is responsible for identifying new opportunities for MCML, and works closely with the Directors to develop innovative solutions to challenges facing the field of AI and ML. The Strategy Board consists of the Board of Directors and experienced Senior Researchers of MCML. It advises and supports the MCML in strategic and operational aspects.

Link to Bernd Bischl

Prof. Dr. Bernd Bischl

LMU München

Statistical Learning & Data Science

Link to Daniel Cremers

Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers

TU München

Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Link to Massimo Fornasier

Prof. Dr. Massimo Fornasier

TU München

Applied Numerical Analysis

Link to Stephan Günnemann

Prof. Dr. Stephan Günnemann

TU München

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Link to Eyke Hüllermeier

Prof. Dr. Eyke Hüllermeier

LMU München

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Link to Gitta Kutyniok

Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok

LMU München

Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Link to Daniel Rückert

Prof. Dr. Daniel Rückert

TU München

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine

Link to Albrecht Schmidt

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt

LMU München

Human-Centered Ubiquitous Media

Link to Hinrich Schütze

Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schütze

LMU München

Statistical NLP and Deep Learning

Link to Thomas Seidl

Prof. Dr. Thomas Seidl

LMU München

Database Systems & Data Mining

Link to Fabian Theis

Prof. Dr. Fabian Theis

TU München

Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems

Link to Xiaoxiang Zhu

Prof. Dr. Xiaoxiang Zhu

TU München

Data Science in Earth Observation