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The MCML is a top place for AI and ML research in Europe. We attract the most promising researchers from all career levels to our center and transfer innovations and AI potential to industry and society.

Who we are

MCML is one of six national AI Competence Centers. It is funded on a permanent basis by the German and Bavarian government's AI strategy, and brings together the leading ML researchers from LMU, TUM and associated institutions.

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Latest News

News from the Digital World by MCML PI Frauke Kreuter and Christof Horn

Why do we actually spend so much time on the Internet - but without actually experiencing things that remain unforgettable? Mio Loclair wants to change that. As an Artist by Nature, he's done a lot of research into the interactions of humans and digitization and found: It can be done much better!

MCML PI Alex Fraser received a Proof of Concept (PoC) Grant for his project 'Data4ML'

Alexander Fraser wants to provide a machine translation system for the rapid and inexpensive creation of new parallel corpora. The key innovation of the prototype will be that it can be used by the less-resourced language community themselves.

Our PI Albrecht Schmidt talked with about ChatGPT

Albrecht Schmidt, a professor of computer science at LMU Munich, is researching how computers and humans will work together in the future. He explains why he thinks ChatGPT is underestimated in Germany and why he sees parallels with the emergence of the Internet.

News from the Digital World by MCML PI Frauke Kreuter and Christof Horn

In the studio is science journalist Andreas Loos from Zeit Online. But is his work and expertise still needed at all, now that AI-based text generators and chatbots have taken over the opinion supremacy? (Podcast in German).


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Are you interested in working with us, either as a researcher or in form of an industry or research cooperation? Do you see valuable use-cases for Machine Learning in your company? Are you a journalist reporting on the future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? In case you are a student interested in working with us, please contact the relevant PI directly. We look forward to hear from you.

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