About MCML - The Munich Center for Machine Learning

Who We Are


The MCML is a joint initiative of leading researchers of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and Technische Universität München (TUM). The goal of the center is to advance foundational research in Artificial Intelligence with a strong connection to real-world applications. MCML was founded in August 2018 as a BMBF-funded competence center for machine learning. It now consists of more than 40 excellent research groups both in the field of application-oriented ML and in foundational research.

The research foci of MCML are divided into three areas: While the findings from the research focus “Foundations of Machine Learning” form the basis for methodological advances in ML, the research fields in the area of “Perception, Vision, and Natural Language Processing” represent key-enabling technologies for a variety of real-world applications, e.g., autonomous driving. The research focus “Domain-Specific Machine Learning” combines expertise from the fields of medicine, biology, physics, geosciences, and social and human sciences. In close exchange with the two other areas, ML methods are developed for application-related and socially relevant problems.

Other important components of MCML are its service, transfer, and training offers. For this purpose, MCML cooperates with other scientific institutions and companies. In addition to the training of students, there is a continuing education concept for internal and external interested parties from industry and science. This includes consulting in the area of statistics and machine learning, entrepreneurship training, and the bilateral transfer of methods and problems from industry, and training for AI users from industry.

Our Goals

The Goals of MCML.

Our Mission


In recent years, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become essential key technologies in all areas of our lives. The world would benefit massively from these new technologies. However, the migration of technologies from science to practice still remains a tough challenge.

Our mission is to unite leading researchers in Germany, to strengthen international, national and regional competence in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We foster talent and make corresponding potential accessible to users from science, industry and society.

Our Team

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Our team at is a dynamic and highly motivated group consisting of international experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, research, transfer, and industry, as well as talents in organization and communication. We work closely together, leveraging our diverse talents and skills to develop solutions to the challenges of today’s world and always ready to take on new challenges and strive for progress.

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