MCML - Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators are an essential component of MCML’s research team. These individuals are experts in their fields and conduct cutting-edge research on a range of topics in AI and ML. Their work is critical to advancing the field and ensuring that MCML remains at the forefront of machine learning research.

Link to Matthias Althoff

Prof. Dr. Matthias Althoff

TU München

Cyber Physical Systems

Link to Ulrich Bauer

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bauer

TU München

Applied Topology and Geometry

Link to Bernd Bischl

Prof. Dr. Bernd Bischl

LMU München

Statistical Learning & Data Science

Link to Anne-Laure Boulesteix

Prof. Dr. Anne-Laure Boulesteix

LMU München

Biometry in Molecular Medicine

Link to Alena Buyx

Prof. Dr. Alena Buyx

TU München

Ethics in Medicine and Health Technologies

Link to Daniel Cremers

Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers

TU München

Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Link to Angela Dai

Prof. Dr. Angela Dai

TU München

Machine Learning of 3D Scene Geometry

Link to Mathias Drton

Prof. Dr. Mathias Drton

TU München

Mathematical Statistics

Link to Stefan Feuerriegel

Prof. Dr. Stefan Feuerriegel

LMU München

Artificial Intelligence in Management

Link to Matthias Feurer

Prof. Dr. Matthias Feurer

LMU München

Statistical Learning & Data Science

Link to Massimo Fornasier

Prof. Dr. Massimo Fornasier

TU München

Applied Numerical Analysis

Link to Alexander Fraser

Prof. Dr. Alexander Fraser

LMU München

Machine Translation and Multilingual NLP

Link to Julien Gagneur

Prof. Dr. Julien Gagneur

TU München

Computational Molecular Medicine

Link to Stephan Günnemann

Prof. Dr. Stephan Günnemann

TU München

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Link to Reinhard Heckel

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heckel

TU München

Machine Learning

Link to Eyke Hüllermeier

Prof. Dr. Eyke Hüllermeier

LMU München

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Link to Michael Ingrisch

Prof. Dr. Michael Ingrisch

LMU München

Clinical Data Science in Radiology

Link to Göran Kauermann

Prof. Dr. Göran Kauermann

LMU München

Applied Statistics in Social Sciences, Economics and Business

Link to Niki Kilbertus

Prof. Dr. Niki Kilbertus

TU München

Ethics in Systems Design and Machine Learning

Link to Felix Krahmer

Prof. Dr. Felix Krahmer

TU München

Optimization & Data Analysis

Link to Frauke Kreuter

Prof. Dr. Frauke Kreuter

LMU München

Statistics and Data Science in Social Sciences and the Humanities

Link to Helmut Küchenhoff

Prof. Dr. Helmut Küchenhoff

LMU München

Statistical Consulting Unit (StaBLab)

Link to Gitta Kutyniok

Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok

LMU München

Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Link to Stefan Leutenegger

Prof. Dr. Stefan Leutenegger

TU München

Machine Learning for Robotics

Link to Christian Müller

Prof. Dr. Christian Müller

LMU München

Biomedical Statistics and Data Science

Link to Thomas Nagler

Prof. Dr. Thomas Nagler

LMU München

Computational Statistics & Data Science

Link to Nassir Navab

Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

TU München

Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality

Link to Matthias Nießner

Prof. Dr. Matthias Nießner

TU München

Visual Computing

Link to Sven Nyholm

Prof. Dr. Sven Nyholm

LMU München

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Link to Björn Ommer

Prof. Dr. Björn Ommer

LMU München

Machine Vision & Learning

Link to Barbara Plank

Prof. Dr. Barbara Plank

LMU München

Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics

Link to Daniel Rückert

Prof. Dr. Daniel Rückert

TU München

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine

Link to David Rügamer

Prof. Dr. David Rügamer

LMU München

Data Science Group

Link to Fabian Scheipl

PD Dr. Fabian Scheipl

LMU München

Functional Data Analysis

Link to Volker Schmid

Prof. Dr. Volker Schmid

LMU München

Bayesian Imaging & Spatial Statistics

Link to Albrecht Schmidt

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt

LMU München

Human-Centered Ubiquitous Media

Link to Julia Schnabel

Prof. Dr. Julia Schnabel

TU München

Computational Imaging and AI in Medicine

Link to Matthias Schubert

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schubert

LMU München

Database Systems & Data Mining

Link to Hinrich Schütze

Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schütze

LMU München

Statistical NLP and Deep Learning

Link to Thomas Seidl

Prof. Dr. Thomas Seidl

LMU München

Database Systems & Data Mining

Link to Fabian Theis

Prof. Dr. Fabian Theis

TU München

Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems

Link to Nils Thuerey

Prof. Dr. Nils Thuerey

TU München

Physics-based Simulation

Link to Volker Tresp

Prof. Dr. Volker Tresp

LMU München

Database Systems & Data Mining

Link to Christian Wachinger

Prof. Dr. Christian Wachinger

TU München

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

Link to Rüdiger Westermann

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Westermann

TU München

Computer Graphics & Visualization

Link to Xiaoxiang Zhu

Prof. Dr. Xiaoxiang Zhu

TU München

Data Science in Earth Observation

Link to Ralf Zimmer

Prof. Dr. Ralf Zimmer

LMU München