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MCML - Confluence for members

Many Process flows (like assumption of travel costs etc.) and useful information (like mailing lists, templates) concerning MCML can be found in our MCML-Confluence area at BayernCollab, which MCML members can access with their LRZ-ID.


Note for using MCML-Confluence

Note for using MCML-Confluence
  • Login at BayernCollab is done with your LRZ-ID.
  • LMU members can look up their LRZ-ID in their LMU user account and (if you haven't already done so) activate it for Confluence.
  • TUM members can look up their LRZ-ID in their TUMonline account.
  • MCML-Confluence has to be activated for each LRZ-ID individually.
  • So if you are logged in to BayernCollab and still cannot access the MCML-Confluence site, please send us an email with your LRZ-ID. We will activate it for you.