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MCML conducts ongoing collaborations with academia, industry, and society.

We carry out joint artificial intelligence and machine learning research projects within our domain areas.

Knowledge transfer with partners from industry, society, and entrepreneurs

Both our universities (TUM and LMU) have long-reaching and well-established collaborations with industrial partners. Munich is the top industrial and economic metropolitan area in Germany, with a unique entrepreneurial and industry-focused ecosystem.

The Munich landscape features not only big companies, but also the German "Mittelstand"" (small and medium-to-large companies), which form the backbone of the German and Bavarian economy. We actively promote and search for research and joint work collaborations in this ecosystem.

To learn more about our current partners and collaborators, please visit our Partners site.

If you are interested in knowing more about our collaboration formats, write us a Mail.


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Thomas Meier


Science Manager Collaborations (LMU)