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Opportunities at MCML

The Munich Center for Machine Learning is a dynamic and exciting place to work, study, and pursue research in the field of ML and AI.

Whether you are looking for a job, funding, or education, we offer a range of opportunities to help you achieve your goals and make a meaningful impact in this exciting field.

«AI is all about talent. It's the brightest minds that are developing the AI technologies of the future.»

Prof. Daniel Cremers

Prof. Daniel Cremers

Link to Funding Programs

Funding Programs

We offer a variety of funding programs to support the research and development of early-career scientists.

Link to Education Programs

Education Programs

We offer a range of educational programs to develop skills and knowledge to succeed in the rapidly-evolving field of AI and ML.

Link to Professional Training

Professional Training

The Data Science Certificate Program is a graded extra-occupational training program, which is organized twice a year.

Link to Jobs @MCML

Jobs @MCML

MCML is always looking for talented student assistants, researchers and professionals to join our team.

Link to Outreach


We offer a variety of outreach programs to make AI-research more accessible and to contribute to the further education of different target groups.