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Associates are scholars who are strongly affiliated with MCML research.

They hold research positions at a Munich institution: LMU Munich, TU Munich, Helmholtz, Fraunhofer, etc. These researchers explore key topics in core ML and AI and are making top contributions to advancing methodologies and concepts in these fields.

Link to Andreas Döpp

Andreas Döpp

Dr. habil.

Data-driven methods in Physics and Optics (LMU)

A1 | Statistical Foundations & Explainability

Link to Vincent Fortuin

Vincent Fortuin


Bayesian Deep Learning (Helmholtz AI)

A1 | Statistical Foundations & Explainability

Link to Thomas Gabor

Thomas Gabor

Prof. Dr.

Technology and Research on Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LMU)

A3 | Computational Models

Link to Daniel Grün

Daniel Grün

Prof. Dr.

Astrophysics, Cosmology and Artificial Intelligence (LMU)

C3 | Physics and Geo Sciences

Link to Georgios Kaissis

Georgios Kaissis


Privacy-Preserving and Trustworthy AI (TUM)

A1 | Statistical Foundations & Explainability

Link to Christoph Kern

Christoph Kern

Prof. Dr.

Social Data Science and AI Lab (LMU)

C4 | Computational Social Sciences

Link to Johannes Maly

Johannes Maly

Prof. Dr.

Mathematical Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (LMU)

A2 | Mathematical Foundations

Link to Sven Mayer

Sven Mayer

Prof. Dr.

Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence (LMU)

C5 | Humane AI

Link to Steffen Schneider

Steffen Schneider


Dynamical Inference (Helmholtz AI)

A3 | Computational Models

Link to Peter Schüffler

Peter Schüffler

Prof. Dr.

Computational Pathology (TUM)

C1 | Medicine