MCML at the MICCAI 2021 Conference

24th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2021), September 27 – October 1, 2021. Strasbourg, France

Link to MICCAI 2021 We are happy to announce that MCML researchers are represented with the following paper(s) at MICCAI 2021:
Towards Semantic Interpretation of Thoracic Disease and COVID-19 Diagnosis Models.
A. Khakzar, S. Musatian, J. Buchberger, I. V. Quiroz, N. Pinger, S. Baselizadeh, S. T. Kim and N. Navab. DOI
Explaining COVID-19 and Thoracic Pathology Model Predictions by Identifying Informative Input Features.
A. Khakzar, Y. Zhang, W. Mansour, Y. Cai, Y. Li, Y. Zhang, S. T. Kim and N. Navab. DOI
Longitudinal Quantitative Assessment of COVID-19 Infection Progression from Chest CTs.
S. T. Kim, L. Goli, M. Paschali, A. Khakzar, M. Keicher, T. Czempiel, E. Burian, R. Braren, N. Navab and T. Wendler. DOI